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Blue Sad Eyed Elephant with Tusks I’m looking for a 2004 blue elephant with tusks that’s about 12 inches tall. It has sad looking eyes, large ears with pink inside, and pink on the tip of the trunk.

Our daughter, Mary, had Benny since her birth. On October 4th, 2012, we had a house fire, and Benny was burned. Even at age 8 Mary still carried Benny around, and it would be so awesome to find another one

It is a standard stuffed animal…not a beanie. I know the arms look like a beanie…that’s from getting stretched and pulled during wardrobe changes. My daughter loved putting pajamas on it at night and dress clothes on Sunday for church. The eyes were always like that…but my daughter loves blue and she loves elephants, so she overlooked the eyes. It was the first stuffed animal she had, so she is very attached to it.



If you can help Chris find this Blue Sad Eyed Elephant with Tusks, THIS SITE IS NO LONGER ACTIVELY MANAGED. Please use Our FREE FACEBOOK GROUP, including the POST CODE #25112

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  1. I think it looks a lot like this Russ Berrie Zanibar Elephant. I bet it comes in other sizes and blue but right now I am just seeing the small gray version. I hope this helps in searching and it turns up soon. Best Wishes!



  2. Amazon has these listed as Zanzibar, but it does not have a color to the tip of the trunk. It may well be that the one that Chris is looking for is a Russ, though.

  3. I have this elephant and would be delighted to reunite Benny with Mary free of charge. Please contact me with an address and I will send Benny on his way right away.
    Thank you!
    Post Code #25112

  4. Post code # 25112


    Mary is going to be so excited to be reunited with Benny.
    Post Code #25112

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