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1993 Manhattan Yellow Velour Dachsund DogI’m looking for a yellow velveteen-like dachshund that was manufactured by Manhattan Toy Company in 1993. It is a yellow Dachshund with black plastic eyes, a black flocked nose, a black embroidery thread mouth and a yellow collar. There were multiple dogs from this series that were produced, and I would like to collect the set. I am specifically looking for the yellow one.

I have had the yellow dachshund for roughly twenty years, and he has been with me through a lot. Unfortunately, as often happens with very well loved stuffed animals, my yellow dog has developed some stains which don’t want to come out. I’m afraid to put him in the washing machine, so I have been spraying him here and there with Oxy Clean with minimal success. I was hoping to locate another one.



If you can help Beth find this 1993 Manhattan Yellow Velour Dachsund Dog, THIS SITE IS NO LONGER ACTIVELY MANAGED. Please use Our FREE FACEBOOK GROUP, including the POST CODE #25467

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  1. Hi Betty!

    I definitely am interested in the yellow dachshund plush. When I try to email you at the address provided, it bounces back, saying that the address does not exist.

    Post Code #25467

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