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I’m looking for my childhood lovie, a stuffed monkey I called Socky. I think it was a Saki Monkey, although my mom thinks it may have been spelled Sauki. It may have been made by Amtoy (American Greetings), but maybe not. It was about 10 inches tall. It was a light tan/cream monkey with a tan felt face, tan felt mitten hands and feet. It had black glass eyes and a pink nose. I would have gotten it around 1978-1979, perhaps up to 1980, but I don’t think any later than that.

My dad worked for American Greetings and often brought us toys made by them. We would’ve lived in Kansas City, MO, then, and he would’ve traveled around the area as a sales rep. My mom doesn’t know if he got it from American Greetings or bought it on one of his trips.

This was my beloved monkey all through childhood, and then when I was in college my puppy ate its face. I periodically scour the internet to find another one, because I’d love to get a replacement, for old times’ sake, and possibly to share with my own kids if they’re interested. So far I’ve had no luck finding any record of or reference to my monkey!

Thanks for any help you can give me!



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