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80′s MATTEL Sparklins Pink Rabbit Glow in Dark StarsI am looking for a 1989 Mattel, 12 inch, PJ Sparkles Pet SPARKLINS rabbit. It has a pink satin glow in the dark star print body with cream satin Lining in the ears. It has a white knit face with large plastic eyes that look sleepy in the dark and a pink plastic nose. Originally it had a necklace.

My grandfather gave my bunny to me when I was 4. Sadly, he passed away not to long after that. I was his spoiled brat and had a horrible fear of the dark (I still do…). He said that since the bunny glowed, I wouldn’t have a reason to be afraid anymore. I slept with it (and my Teddy Beddy Bear) every night.

I accidentally left it in a rental car after a family road trip when I was 7. I was hysterical. My parents contacted the rental car company but never received an answer. My Nanny went out and bought me a fluffy white bunny to try and replace “Pinky”, but it didn’t work.

I’m 27, married, and have four children of my own now. I still have my Teddy Beddy Bear, but I would love to be able to replace my Pinky. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.



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  1. POST CODE #25728

    I found a couple more, too:

    ebay#251288873906 purple bear

    ebay#350813491353 purple bunny

    ebay#390610427211 yellow bunny(Love the pic!)

    ebay#281114604642 pink bunny

    ebay#190854992831 yellow bunny

    God bless you. 🙂

  2. I found a few more, too:

    ebay#111170988797 Pink bunny

    ebay#271342584826 purple bear

    ebay#121230366424 pink bunny and purple bear-set of 2

    ebay#390716156160 yellow bunny

    ebay#111203888344 yellow puppy

    ebay#360755381697 pink bunny

    ebay#321211165710 yellow puppy

    ebay#151123196815 yellow bunny

    ebay#360684405085 yellow puppy

    ebay#360596490912 yellow puppy
    Post Code #25728

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