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FOUND – 2011 Walmart Galerie Tan and Pink Rabbit — 3 Comments

  1. POST CODE #25773

    ebay #321125049926 Could this be the rabbit?
    8.5″ Galerie Shaggy EASTER Plush BUNNY RABBIT Stuffed Animal w/ Purple Bandana

    Usually when candy is involved I have found it is gallerie brand. Good luck!

  2. POST CODE #25773

    Oh my goodness Carrie, that is it!!! thank you so incredibly much! I literally burst out in tears when I saw it I was so relieved to finally have found an identical ‘Rabbit’ for my daughter… I have been scouring the internet for the last two days for a similar Rabbit – Thank you doesn’t seem like enough to say, but thank you a million times over!

  3. This exact bunny is also my daughters lovey. We still have him, but he’s getting gross, so I need a replace,ent. Any ideas where I can get another?

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