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90's Multi-color Pastel Turtle Windup Brahms I’m looking for a plush turtle from 1991 that winds up and plays Brahm’s Lullaby. It has very light pastel colors (blue, green, pink and yellow shell, green limbs and head, and a white under belly. The material feels like it may have been super soft, but it’s somewhat rough now due to age.

This was my first stuffed animal. Its lullaby sent me to sleep for years. My Labrador chewed the turtle’s face off, and I can’t afford to get him repaired. Even at age 22, I would do anything to have my turtle back.



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Searching – 90’s Multi-color Pastel Turtle Windup Brahms — 4 Comments

  1. Just wondered if you have thought about buying a similar turtle off ebay and attaching the head to your body? Shouldn’t be too hard to do and at least you would still have part of your original turtle. Quite a few come up if you search ‘musical plush wind up turtle’.

  2. 90′s Multi-color Pastel Turtle I have one that looks
    a lot like that one if you are still interested.
    its 25.00.#25828

    Thank you,
    Post Code #25828

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