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Searching – Mylo 2001 Cream Hudson Bay Bear — 5 Comments

  1. From Mary:

    Some suggestions to narrow down the search: Besides being cream or tan, what color was the nose and were the paws a different color? Did the bear originally have a bow and/or any clothing and if so, what color. And, is the bear a true light cream/ivory/off white or more a light tan? 1) It would be helpful if one of the other 9 friends still have theirs to get a photo and 2) Clarify if the bear was made by Hudson Bay Co mfg co. or if it was just purchased in Hudson Bay which is what it sounds like because she is trying to which company would use pastel blue print tags and 3) Have you contacted the friend to see if she remembers the store where the bears were purchased? If she remembers or they still are in business, could contact the store for more information. Even if not in business now, it would be helpful to add the name/type of store for others of that type which might carry the same brand (a baby store vs. drug store vs retailer such as Target vs dept store like Macy’s as an example) 4) It would be helpful to give a more approximate size by inch say 12″ or 15″ This detail will help us in our search to help

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  2. From Mary:
    Another good possibility is Russ Berrie who manufacture hundreds of plush every year, typically have names for all their plush on their tags, and have been in business since the sixties. Might consider contacting them to see if they made a Milo or Mylo bear.

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  3. From Mary:

    Additional information desired: Is the bear curly type fur, straight or other? Is the nose stitched or hard? Possibility: Ganz (and Heritage Collection by Ganz) is one manufacturer that makes the floppy pets that can sit or lay flat and have weighted paws. Many of their plush have curly type fur and most come with some kind of bow (plaid, organza, etc). Their US location is N. Tonawanda, NY Their tags are different colors with script writing but they have a separate tag with the model # and name of the plush. This might be a possibility.

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  4. Hudson Bay Trading Company did use a woven blue & white tush tag at one time – I have a Daekor/Hudson Trading Co.Pot Belly Bear w/ this type of tag.
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  5. It was purchased at the Bay not made by the bay.

    It had a stitched nose and the hard style eyes. His paws were slightly darker
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