Searching – Koala Baby Tan Print Giraffe Blankie

Koala Baby Tan Print Giraffe Blankie I’m looking for a 2011 Koala Baby giraffe security blanket/lovie. It is 13×13 inches with a plush material on one side with a giraffe pattern and a tan satin material on the other side. A giraffe head and arms are sewn in the middle of the blanket.

My twin sons have had lovies since their 6 week NICU stay following their birth. They sleep with their lovies and go everywhere with them. Whenever they are upset their lovie can always calm them. We have a spare for the one lovie, but can’t find another one like this. They are 18 months old, and I can’t imagine losing this. We have to pry it from my son’s hands to even wash it.


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Posted Aug 5, 2013


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