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Jody is looking for the Knickerbocker Puppy Love dog shown in the photo.

70's? Snoopy PUPPY LOVE Dog Red Shirt Yellow PrintI’m looking for a faux (I think) white Snoopy dog with long droopy black ears. I think it was from the late 70’s or 80’s. He was about 12-14 inches in height (I now know I need to find the bigger version – 20-22 inches maybe). He was firmly stuffed, but you could move his arms and legs, and he had a puffy nose. It was sewn on the tip of the white muzzle, with a black puffy ball on top for the actual nose.

He had a built in red shirt with yellow words on his shirt… His shirt says Puppy Love … The material for his shirt was a bit shimmery, or silky like, maybe with red and yellow letters.

I have to find him. My mom passed away recently, and this is the only thing that brings back childhood memories. She always kissed him and me goodnight, and I slept with him like a small pillow.

Please Help Me, Please Please Please!!

If you can help Jody find this 70’s? Snoopy PUPPY LOVE Dog Red Shirt Yellow Print, THIS SITE IS NO LONGER ACTIVELY MANAGED. Please use Our FREE FACEBOOK GROUP, including the POST CODE #28901

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FOUND – 70’s? Snoopy PUPPY LOVE Dog Red Shirt Yellow Print Top Priority — 10 Comments

  1. Well say, although these aren’t him, I was curious how closely your dog resembled these Snoopy dolls I found:



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  2. I how do I plug the codes in you sent above in eBay ? I tried one & wasn’t sure what to type or not to type , lol
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  3. Ok I figured it out .. The one looks like him but he had yellow writing on his shirt & he’s bigger than 12 inches .. I found a small version of him last week & received him .. He’s shirt says Puppy Love in yellow with a red shirt .. I truly need to find the bigger version 20-22 inches maybe .. If you find him please let me know , he means the world to me …. Silly but very true .. Thank you
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  4. Hello, I have the 12-14 inch one if you are still looking. Please let me know.
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  5. I am also looking for the 20″ 70′s Knickerbocker PUPPY LOVE DOG Wearing RED SHIRT. Please let me know if you have one!!
    Thank you!
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  6. i too have been looking for thos dog, for vrry personal reasons. at least since 2002, if anyone has the 12 – 14″ available, i would love to discuss!
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  7. I have this exact dog I would never EVER get rid of mine, I have had him since I was 2 years old in the hospital with pneumonia the nurse gave me this dog and I pulled through fine, they wanted it back and I wouldn’t give it to them, I’m 39 now and still have him, he went everywhere with me as a child and I mean EVERYWHERE. so I was 2 would have been 1977. I now have a very large Snoopy collection because of him and though he may not be Snoopy really He will always be Snoopy to me.
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  8. I am looking for one for my wife. She lost hers when she gave it to her 4 year-old daughter, who left it on a shelf in the grocery store. She has been trying for years to find one. I would love to give this to her for Christmas. I am currently serving in Afghanistan and it would be a special gift she will cherish forever.
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