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90s White Bear with Multi-color Body I’m looking for an early 90’s white bear with multi-color body. It has blue eyes, and a red nose and mouth.

The head, hands, and feet are white. The soft body is green, yellow, blue, and red. One arm is red and the other arm is blue. One side of the chest area is green, and the other is yellow. One leg is red, and the other is blue. On the back of the bear both legs are blue, and the back of the chest area is yellow.

It was given to me for my first Christmas, and over the years has been re-stuffed and is starting to have holes in it. I want to give it to my kid for his first Christmas. Please help me find one in good shape.

90s White Bear with Multi-color Body


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  1. In the link you can find a look-alike that is probably from the same brand: ‘Eden Toys’. It is the same one like I have and I love him now for 17 years, I wanted to buy him at first but he is too expensive. I wish you the best of luck in finding your bear!
    Greets from Belgium!
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  2. From what I’ve seen its an eden make I have 3 had 4 and also have had them since I was born and I’m looking for others my mom said they were made in NY and sold at Kmart and Mervyns this is the only link I’ve seen with a complete identical teddy bear as mine if you do find them please let me know where
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