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Goldberger BABY'S FIRST BUNDLE OF JOY Blond Doll Pink & White BABYI’m looking for a Goldberger BABY’S FIRST BUNDLE OF JOY No. BB175 12 inch blond yarn hair doll with large blue eyes. She’s wearing a pink velour sleeper with a pink satin collar, white sleeves, pink satin cuffs, and footies. The word BABY and a HEART are embroidered on her chest, and she’s wearing a pink bonnet with a white velour brim and a white pom pom on top, with a pink satin ruffle.

My mom bought this doll for my daughter when Chloe was about 6 months old. Chloe immediately became attached to Dolly. I tried washing Dolly, and it just didn’t work. So I had to go buy another Dolly, and we put the old one up in a box (we were moving soon). My daughter is 9 years old now and is still very attached to Dolly. Dolly goes everywhere with us. She has seen the Alamo and been to Disney World three times!

JC Penney’s used to sell them pretty cheap, but when they stopped carrying them, I had to order straight from Goldberger. Then Goldberger stopped making them. So I’ve had to resort to eBay and the Internet, which is really expensive. But Dolly is so important to Chloe since my mom had her stroke in 2005.

Chloe doesn’t know we replace Dolly. She thinks I give her a bath in the nighttime. We joke that Chloe will graduate high school and get married with Dolly tucked under her arm! We have kept all the old ones, except we put one in my father-in-law’s casket at his funeral. My mom was cremated, or she would have an old Dolly, too. We plan to give Chloe the old Dolly box one day down the road, too, when the time is right.


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  1. I myself and looking for the same doll, my mother bought it for me while I was trying to get pregnant and having multiple miscarriages. I kept the doll in my bed room next to my clock. I looked at it every night. I finally had a successful pregnancy and I have a healthy 2 year old daughter. This is my daughters favorite baby and she sleeps with it every night. It is starting to fall apart and I am looking for a back up. Any help is greatly appreciated!! This doll has so much meaning to me and my daughter.
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  2. I am also looking for it, for very similar circumstances as the first poster. We have washed “Baby” as she’s called…and we have 3, but they are all falling apart now, despite constant patching and stuffing. They are the only dolls that my daughter (who is now 9) wants to play with.
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  3. My daughter Chloe who is also 9 years old has a doll similar to this except hers has a bib on, her name is baby we have replaced her once and have found similar replacements in which she takes all 4 with her everywhere she goes, “super baby”, “big butt baby”, “soft baby” & “Susie baby”, Chloe will not play with any other babies like cabbage patch kids and these 4 babies have been re stuffed and patched several times
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  4. My three year old loves Baby to pieces but I am unable to find a replacement. Her’s is falling apart from the constant washing. Any info on where to find Baby would be appreciated and make a little girl’s heart smile.
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  5. I am desperate to find Goldberger BABY’S FIRST BUNDLE OF JOY Blond BABY Doll for my three year old daughter Alexa. Thanks so much in advance for any help in finding this doll, it will be the perfect birthday gift – Oct. 17…thanks again.
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  6. I just acquired this doll! She is available for purchase. Anyone interested can contact me.
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  7. Replying to post code #29767. It is so important to replace baby’s first bundle of joy blond baby doll…aka ill baby 🙂 Thanks so much! Heather Smith
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