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  1. I am afraid the lamb I am looking for is more proportional and realistic than that one, it can’t sit like a human at all. Thank you so much from trying to help though.

    For everyone who sees this, it is somewhat realistic. There are no unnatural shapes or colors on it. It’s just a floppy baby stuffed sheep. It’s hooves are a very light tan or cream/beige color. Remember the old beanie baby cats? Well, just like them, it lays on it’s stomach.(but it is not a beanie baby or TY brand toy or anything)
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  2. Although this isn’t her, I was curious how close in color this Walmart lamb was to Baabaa:


    I was also curious how close in shape Baabaa was to this other Walmart lamb:

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  3. I have one that is my daughter’s favorite it’d similar to what you explained bought on 2005.sure if it’s right or a picture would help bhelp because it’s hooves are black but it looks real kind is super soft and can sit up and is about the length of my forearm.
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