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The giraffe in the photo is faded, so the blue was much more vivid at one point- but no darker.

90s Hallmark Blue and White Giraffe I’m looking for a Hallmark blue giraffe with white accents and a rattle, approximately 11 inches tall, that was sold in Hallmark stores (for sure) and possibly other locations (not sure). It started selling as early as 1992 (possibly earlier) and continued at least until 1996-1998. It was made of the standard short faux fur material and filled with poly-fil most likely.

I don’t know the brand. My lovie does not have a copy of her tag. I had chewed/sucked on it as a child, and it either wore off, was torn off, or cut off. (If my memory serves me correctly… I accidentally tore it off at some point- but I know for a fact that whatever brand it WAS, the ink was PRINTED onto the tag- because I remember sucking the ink off of it- yuck!)

This lovie was my second toy ever as a child, and was definitely my most loved. It is still my most favorite toy, and holds a place of honor among my stuffies – but poor Blueberry giraffe is very tattered. She is no longer soft and pliant, has gone through many many washes, and her eyes have “cataracts” from so many bumps and thumps against harder materials. Blueberry Giraffe got me through many a rough spot, including a time as a child where I had to be quarantined for a horrible fever.

I still have my original giraffe, but I’d like to find a newer version of her as homage. I know they were still selling this giraffe in Hallmark stores around 1996-1998, because I’d gone into one of these stores with my mom and commented “Look mommy, new Blueberries!” I had wanted another badly, but couldn’t convince my mother to get me a copy of a toy I already had. Blueberry sparked my love for giraffes, and is the main reason I have such a large giraffe lovey collection now.


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