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Searching – 90s Hot Pink Rabbit Mult-color Accents DISASTER PRIORITY — 4 Comments

  1. Hi there.. this bunny is exactly the same as yours but it’s similar.. i know it can’t replace having the exact one but i figured id show it to you

    eBay 190903239514

    im at thrift stores all the time, ill keep an eye out for your bunny
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  2. Omg I have this exact bunny still and I sleep with her every night! I am 23 and got her as a toddler. I think my dad got it from Kmart. Trying to find the original company.
    Post Code #30128

  3. Thank you guys so much! I loved it, it is the only toy I was ever attached to. Ally do you by chance know the brand? I can’t remember it and that would help a lot on finding another.
    Post Code #30128

  4. her tag is so worn that i can’t see, but I’m almost positive my dad got her a kmart..if that helps at all! they also had a dog one that looked a lot like the bunny one but different colors!
    Post Code #30128

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