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FOUND – Pink 80s Fisher Price Animal Grabbers Pig — 6 Comments

  1. Thanks Kathy

    Yes I have seen those ones but my wife lost her pig grabber and can’t find that one anywhere

    Thanks again for emailing I really appreciate it and if you do see the pig do let me know

    All the best


  2. Here’s the pig on Ebay: post code# 290977984530

    And the dog: #360739349888

    And an elephant: #290977984510

  3. Stumbled across this website. OMG! If anyone comes across another please contact me on aesyrett@sky.com I’m so DESPERATE in getting a new one to surprise my daughter (35)as her one is on it’s last leg! She still has it by her bed and has been seen to be playing with the silky bits to this day.
    Post Code #

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