Searching – Koala Baby Pink Blankie with Flower Print Brown Hem

Koala Baby Pink Blankie with Flower Print Brown Hem I’m looking for a pink and brown small lovey security blanket made by Koala Baby. One side is pink ribbed chenille with a ruffled pink flower print brown hem. The back side is solid brown. They were sold at Babies ‘R Us, but were discontinued.

My 3 year old daughter accidentally threw her blankie out of the car window on the interstate, and we could not find it. She was trying to make it “catch the wind”. She stuck it out the window before I could stop her, and she is devastated.

Please help!

Thank you so much for your help!

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Posted Sep 9, 2013


Searching – Koala Baby Pink Blankie with Flower Print Brown Hem — 18 Comments

  1. I am looking for the same blanket. My daughter had a small blanket and a larger one like this. We have misplaced the small one. Please contact me if anyone has info on where I can purchase it.
    Post Code #30177

  2. I’m looking for one too for my little one. She lost it at target. Let me know. Thanks!!!
    Post Code #30177

  3. I as well have the same issue, we had 2 little blankets and they have been lost due to my daughter getting a little older and us just not paying attention we have her big one but have checked everywhere for the 2 little ones, one she had since 2 months old (now almost 4) please let me know if anyone finds one. Grove City Ohio 43123
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  4. Help!! I have the same problem. My 2 year old is completely devastated (as am I). I’ve been frantically searching eBay with no luck. Please if anyone knows where I can find one.
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  5. Please help! My daughter just lost this exact blankie. She is revisited. Does anyone still have one?

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  6. Does anyone think if we all contacted the maker they’d bring it back into production??
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  7. I’m in trouble! We lost my daughters blanket and she is having a hard time. She is so sad and bed time has been rough. Please, if anybody knows how I can get one please let me know. Thank you so much. Dana and Emilia
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  8. Please help! My daughter Emmy is having a rough time without her blanket! It’s so sad and I feel so bad we lost it. If anybody can help I’d really REALLY appreciate it.

    Dina & Emmy
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  9. I am looking for the same one. Please email me if you know where I can find one
    Post Code #30177

  10. Have the same problem. My 4 year old daughter has had both the “blankie” (large blanket) and “woobie” (small security blanket) since she was 4 months old. We lost woobie at the fair last weekend. Have called the fairgrounds and babies r us home office with no luck. Also checked ebay with no luck. If you know someone who has one and is willing to part with it, please have them email me. My little one will be forever grateful to have woobie back.

    Post code #30177
    Post Code #30177

  11. Wow found this site by accident looking for a pic of my daughters FAVORITE BLANKIE… I am amazed at how many darling little girls are so attached to this SAME EXACT pink koala baby blanket. My daughter is absolutely in love & attached to this/her blankie. She can not go a night without it. So to all the devastated Mommy’s & precious bby girls out there I really hope you find one or at least something very close to it to help calm them at night. && yes it would be so awesome if babies r us would request them once again, or if the distributor had some knowledge of how much of a demand there is for this blanket! Best of luck to you all.
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  12. Omg! I just googles a picture I hopes of finding another one for my daughter. She calls this blanket her “baby” and is so I love with it it’s like her best friend. She refers to it as a her lol it is her security for everything. I’m also looking for one desperately. I’m looking for a full size one no the mini. Thank you in advanced. I hope everyone on here find one!
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  13. ebay # 381080561410 (new)
    ebay # 361125174976 (new)
    ebay # 121488081440 (used)
    ebay # 301339672911 (used)
    Post Code #30177

  14. I was expected I’d have to pay more than the original $14 but $75? Yikes I’d love for her to have her blankie back and it is irreplaceable and I guess I even thought “priceless” but $75 is a little to hefty for the moms who would have originally had this blanket
    Post Code #30177

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