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What’s Your Plush Pal’s Name? — 14 Comments

  1. Well…we had every name you could imagine assigned to our stuffed friends!!! We had Bob the Bear, Tom the Turtle, Parker the Piglet — always seeming to name them with a name tied to the first letter of the animal!!!

    So fun to remember when they were smaller (the kids)!!!

  2. WE call my baby’s blanket “his P”I don’t know if we had cute names for animals, we called them what they were, like “STITCH” I always had cute names for the kids though! By the way I love your blog. How do people get those cool templates?

  3. It certainly wouldn’t have been hard to teach alliteration to your boys, 2BoysandToys!

    Are your boys in their teens yet? If so, I’m SURE it’s more fun to remember when they were younger!! LOL

  4. “P” sounds like an original name for his blankie to me.

    I imagine a lot of people call their stuffed toys by the manufacturer’s name for them, so you’re not alone on that, for sure.

    I’m glad you like our blog. I’m not sure what template you’re talking about, but if you look at the code for this one, it’s a hodge podge of the original Blogger template and the code from the rest of our website, Rosemary Plush Animal Shoppe.

  5. I actually had a big pink plush cat that I called Mitzotachis – of course I didn’t khnow at the time who thw guy was, actually I don’t know it now either (was he the Greek prime minister?), but it seemed like a cool name for a cat 🙂

  6. Mitzotachis! I’ve never been that creative in naming anything! You got my curiousity up, so I Goggled the name, but it didn’t match anything. There’s a Mitzoguchi, who evidently is a Japanese film maker, though LOL.

  7. I don’t think that I remember having a name for my bear. I think that I just called him Teddy. But a friend of mine had an elephant that she called Efie.

  8. I can’t remember the names of any of my soft animals and dolls, either. But our children sure made up for my lack of creativity. They had a name for every one they received!

    Efie the Elephant … hmmm … I see a pattern developing here. Is alliteration a common way to arrive at names?

  9. More alliteration … Gus the Goofy … Hmmm Do the toy manufacturers do that, too? Can’t say that I’ve noticed that they do, but I’m going to be paying attention from now on, that’s for sure.

  10. I had a stuffed monkey that I named “bucky” (I guess I couldn’t say the “m”) Had to have him with me all the time and would even take him swimming. Mom used to tell me that it was horrible when I did that because she had to through him in the dryer and get him dry before bedtime.

  11. Thanks for sharing, Suzan.

    Swimming! Now that’s a new one on me.

    Good thing a lot of stuffed animals and dolls are washable, otherwise Bucky would never have survived!!

    Did he fade out from the chlorine? Do you know what finally happened to him, or do you still have him in the family?

  12. My significant other’s name is Jack and he sent me a teddy bear and his name was Jack so that I would have something to cuddle at night time because I’m in Australia and he’s in the US.

    Then on my birthday he sent me another bear and her name is Deb so that we have matching bears for us. Awwwww

    shhhh… don’t tell anyone but I sleep with them every night and they take pride of place on my pillows every morning when I make the bed.

    Sometimes I’ll put them down the bottom of the bed for variety but I make sure there’s a pillow behind them so they don’t hurt their little bear backs on the bars on my bed.

    Whew!!!! say all THOSE b words 10 times fast!!!


  13. Then on my birthday he sent me another bear and her name is Deb so that we have matching bears for us. Awwwww

    This fellow sounds like a keeper! It’s a shame he lives so far away from you. Now you’ll have to find a stuffed lovey for him to sleep with, won’t you.

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