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How Do YOU Show Team Spirit?? — 6 Comments

  1. Ah, “real” footbal, eh?

    Why we’ve sold soccer mascots, too!

    The nicest one we’ve sold was Peluche Jules, a cocky rooster, wearing his bright red baret and all dressed up in his Adidas soccer uniform. His shirt had the golden rooster emblem, with the French Football Federation F.F.F. logo on it, and he had one foot perched on a soccer ball.

    I don’t think there’s a sport man has thought of that someone hasn’t made a stuffed animal or doll mascot to match!!

  2. By eating “RUFFLES” cuz they have ridges and eating a whole tub of Clam dip and drinking Root beer.

    That’s how I show team spirit…


  3. I show my team spirit by wearing colors, wearing spirit wear and cheering big time!!! I do also like a snack – but not clam dip – needs to be french onion with my Ruffles!!


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