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  1. I remember as a child, my mother read to us a lot. But, more than that, i remember my mother singing. Seems like she sang all the time, and now, i do the same. I snuggle in with my 4 month old and sing him to sleep or i grab the microphone and make my thirteen year old wince with Karaoke revolutions for the ps2! I love home karaoke. it encourages my son to READ those words and hear the rythm of the music.

  2. I never would have thought of using Karaoke as a way to get a reluctant reader to READ. You’re one sneaky smart mama!!

  3. soAs a child I loved reading The Velvateen Rabbit. It’s nice to read that others also liked that story as well.

  4. One mother who bought from us said they told their little boy that the replacement was his stuffed animal’s “cousin” who had come to live with them.

    With the newer version to play with, she was able to put the well worn REAL toy in storage with the saved baby things.

    I always think of the Velveteen Rabbit when we get emails like that from buyers.

  5. This post makes me think about a book I used to read when I was little girl.. I think I had a collection of them, and I loved every single one. It was called ‘The Adventures of Mr Pinkwhistle’ I think that’s probably the earliest book I can remember reading.


  6. Mr. Pinkwhistle sounds like a fun character.

    I’m afraid our grandson’s childhood memories are going to be about reading all the Captain Underpants books!

    Imaginative and engaging chapter books play a major role in creating life long readers.

  7. I also have wonderful memories of those two books. My dad read to us, and my mom sang.

    At what age did you introduce chapter books? My 3-1/2 year old doesn’t seem to be ready, despite my own eagerness, heh.

  8. Analisa, it’s been over 30 years since our children were being read to in my lap!

    I would guess that a 3 1/2 year old needs another year or so of picture books before you start being concerned about longer stories. They need lots of repetition and well done illustrations, both of which any good picture book will have.

    Our grandson was enjoying reading Captain Underpants for himself in the second grade, I think.

    May I suggest that you read some of the posts on these two sites, and maybe ask your question there?

    Kids Books, Toys, and Things Blog

    Classroom Connection

  9. Lisa, I looked at your mommy blog and saw that you work part time in a day care. Maybe you can answer analisa’s question about when to start children on chapter books.