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What Will Be the Craze This Christmas Shopping Season? — 12 Comments

  1. Thanks for stopping by, heather. Hope you come back soon to share some plush memories with us.

  2. I read an article about this somewhere and Cabbage Patch dools and Bratz were certainly there. I was also thrilled to see classic boardgames such as Monopoly and Cluedo. That’s more like it!

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Laura. It is good to see that traditional board games are “in” again. As for the Bratz dolls, only time will tell if they become classics the way Cabbage Patch dolls have.

    PS. If you run across the link to the site that tells what the predicted craze toys for this year will be, I’d love for you to post it.

  4. We use the computer for business, iolagnm, rather than playing games, so I’m not really familiar with the X-Box. But I guarantee our grandson knows all about it and has probably already asked for one!

  5. In the UK it would have to be the Little Britain dolls which includes “the only gay in the village” dressed in red rubber, the guy in the wheelchair, and Vicky Pollard “yes but, no but, yes but, no…”. All very funny stuff – perhaps not approriate humour for young kids but watched by them all the same.

    The link has nothing to do with me – just seemed like a good resource as any if you didn’t know what I meant!

  6. From some of the British comedy I’ve seen on US TV, I would imagine that this show would not be appropriate for children to be watching.

    Trouble is, many (maybe most) children watch a lot of television that is not intended for them, because a lot of parents don’t supervise their viewing.

    And yes, I can imagine that the dolls would be very popular, for the same reason Captain Underpants is a popular early chapter book series here in the USA. Most children enjoy crude humor.

  7. “As for the Bratz dolls, only time will tell if they become classics the way Cabbage Patch dolls have.”

    Oh, I only hope that sleeze doesn’t come to equal classic! If so, what does that say about our generation?! They do look like they’re here to stay. Blech!

  8. I agree with you 100%, gem, but I fear Bratz Dolls have become extremely collectible. None of our sources for stuffed animals and dolls have any of them. That’s a sure sign people are holding on to them as an investment.

  9. I can’t stand those bratz dolls. I’m thinking that the “I gotta have it” toy will be a dancing elmo or something similar to that. Thanks for the help on the Virus Vundo. I bought Spy Sweeper and that has taken care of it. I highly recommend it!

  10. Hi Janet! Glad to know you’re ‘puter is healthy again.

    As for the Bratz dolls, that’s 3 votes against them LOL.

    Remember the year Tickle Me Elmo’s were all the rage?

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