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Taking Our Grand Daughters to Build a Bear!! — 6 Comments

  1. I think we have one of these in New Zealand and I would love to do this. I’m not sure it’s Build-a-Bear as such but I think you can make your own. I must see if I can find more details. This sounds like such fun! I’m sure your granddaughters will love it!

    My oldest is the same in that she loves her stuffed animals more than her dolls although dolls are becoming a fave lately. Although I bought the baby a stuffed giraffe and now the oldest has claimed it!

  2. We sometimes find a Build-a-Bear animal on our buying jaunts for our Plush Animal Shoppe, and they usually sell well. Now that I know how much they cost … I can understand why we sell the mint used ones quickly ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Of course, part of what you’re paying for with a brand new one is the entertainment!

  3. I just had a look at your Ebay listings and I sooooooo love the Build a Bear cow!!! Like a doll but yet a cow! I so want to buy that! No money on the credit card at the moment though ๐Ÿ™ Always the way! How quickly do these sell and how often do you come up with them?

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  4. The cow is cute, isn’t it NZ. It’s hard to know how long it will be available, before somebody buys it, but it’s the only one like it we have found in our buying sprees.

    Compared to other brands, like GUND and RUSS, for instance, we don’t get to list very many Build-a-Bears. I suspect that, because the new mommy or daddy gets to design it themselves, they are cherished more often than not.

  5. Yeah, I love that idea. Too bad my grandkids dont take better care of their things. My oldest grandchild who is 10 has a hard time keeping anything “nice” cause her younger brother and sister (4 and 3) are allowed to mess up any and everything. This really annoys me and her. I have tried to discuss this with her mother but she just gets mad. How can you have a special treasure when your own mother allows such lack of respect?

  6. Jill, it sounds like it’s time for Grandma to give this 10 year old a “gift” of privacy.

    I can think of several possibilites. There is a door lock of some kind that allows a child to put a password on getting in their room. There are also diaries that use speech recognition to get them open. And, if memory serves me right, there are attractive metal “lockers” that could hold things she doesn’t want siblings getting into.

    If she’s having trouble with privacy now, just imagine what it will be like in a few years!