Searching – 50’s Bessie? XL VINYL FACE COW with HIGH HEELS – MOOES

Cindy is still looking for her cow. She says the only thing different about the one in the photo is that hers stood up and mooed when tipped. The pictured one has Bijou embossed under the chin.

50's? Large Standing Bessie Vinyl Face Cow - MooesAbout 1954 to 1962 there was a very large brown stuffed cow that stood, mooed when tipped, had a neck bell, shoes, and a nice tail. I am searching for a picture or an actual cow from this era. This cow stood about 1 foot high and about 2 foot long, with teats, high heel shoes, a big cow bell around her neck. I think it may have been called Bessie. When picked up and tipped, it mooed, and the fur on it felt real.

Childhood memories are priceless.

If you can help Cindy find this 50’s? Large Standing Bessie Vinyl Face Cow – Mooes, or a picture of it, THIS SITE IS NO LONGER ACTIVELY MANAGED. Please use Our FREE FACEBOOK GROUP, including #110107-3 in the subject, .

Searching for a toy – Originally posted 11/01/2007

Posted Jan 3, 2013


Searching – 50’s Bessie? XL VINYL FACE COW with HIGH HEELS – MOOES — 7 Comments

  1. Post Code #110107-3

    Could this be the cow in question?
    ebay #140612817143 VINTAGE MOLLY MOO COW FROM TV SERIES 1950s or 60’s WITH TAGS CARTOONS
    IT IS APPROXIMATELY 17 INCHES HIGH BY 13 INCHES LONG From ebay description. Let us know.

  2. Post Code #110107-3

    Know it has been a long time. If you are still searching could this be the cow?

    ebay #400268879412

  3. Ebay listing RARE Vintage RUSHTON Rubber Face COW w Udders Stuffed Animal Plush Doll
    Item No. 380550581816. Ticks only some of the boxes i.e. moo’s (barely), rubber face standing, udder etc.etc. Can you please take a look as it may help us pinpoint a brand. Thanks :)

  4. I have the cow pictured. Although she does not moo anymore. Send me an email, and I will send you some pictures of her :)

  5. I have 2 of these cows a black one and a brown one. I have a picture of me as a newborn with the brown one. They are made by Bijou. Neither of mine moo anymore. I don’t know if I could part with either one though. It took a long time to find my second one. They are very rare. :o)
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