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  1. Kimberly has emailed me with this information:

    The dog wanted and pictured is of course Morgan the TV Dog from the Garry Moore show. These are on eBay sometimes, I have seen them sell for 500.00 or more – also if you search for title and description there is a lady that makes reproductions of him – but Ebay won’t let her put it in the title.


  2. And now Kimberly has emailed me with the link to the lady on eBay who sells her reproductions of Morgan! If you’re curious, try searching for 140188062502.

    I can’t wait to hear from Jennifer!!

    Thank you! Santa Kimberly!!!!!

  3. My sister In-law has made this plush for every niece and nephew. She says they are so simple to make and by making it yourself you can search for the perfect material of your choice. I found a pattern on the internet if you want to check it out: It is a Simplicity pattern #6810 from 1966
    3 cuddly stuffed toys.


  4. Thanks so much for this information! I’m sure some folks will be glad to have it.

  5. Hello. Although I see that you were searching for this plush several years ago, I wanted to let you know that I do have a Morgan the Dog Original vintage plush for sale.
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  6. I am also looking for the Huggable Morgan by Bantam from the Garry Moore Show. It was my childhood friend since I was a baby. I’m 56 now, and my Dad still makes me CRY when he asks “where’s Snoopy” (that’s what i called it).
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  7. If anyone has a Morgan dog for sale, I would be very interested in obtaining it. I’m looking for my brother who is in his 60’s and still talks about his Morgan dog that got thrown away.

    Thank you.
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  8. I have a Plush Brother of “Morgan”. It still has the tag on it. It does not have any filling in it.
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  9. Hi Connie,
    I do have some pictures I can send. Should I send it to you directly? I do not see an icon to attach photos here.
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  10. If you haven’t sold your Morgan dog – let me know as I may be interested in it.
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  11. I am also looking for a Morgan dog, or a Morgan dog pattern. Does anyone know where I can buy one?
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  12. Hello all! Recently while helping my grandmother I came across a pink Morgan dog that seems to be in excellent condition. It’s nose still squeeks great, the Bantam tag is perfectly legible, & the dog shows very little to no wear. When I saw it I knew there was something special about it! My mom doesn’t remember it being hers but prob belonged to a sibling. I rather find it a home thru here than on eBay. I will try to check my email but please be patient with my response. Happy trails!
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  13. Hi Sabrina. I can not seem to load a photo on here so I will leave my email instead. Anahata024@gmail.com If you send me an email directly I can send you some photos. Hopefully we’ll find this pup a new home!
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  14. I am also looking for the tan Morgan dog of my past. Please let me know if you know of one available.
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