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FOUND but SEARCHING again – RUBBER HEADED 80’s Small Beanie Animals — 6 Comments

  1. I really need to know where these “So Small” toys can be bought from. i’ve searched eBay with no luck. I only had a handful (from your picture, I recognise the first one on the centre row as one of the EXACT ones I had). These were great little things and I’d love to get my hands on some again some day =)

  2. I found several old auctions on eBay so maybe some will come up for sale again soon. I did find this old post on a forum. You might want to try to track this person down who said they had lots of them last year.

    So So Small Babies

  3. Hi,
    Wondering if anyones had any luck finding any “so small babies” lately? I’m looking to add to my collection… So if anyone has any or knows where I can find some please contact me! *Also looking for their furniture and homes!

  4. I see lots of people asking for help to find these So Small Babies, but can’t find one for sale right now. I did find a seller in Singapore who sold two different unopened blister packs of 3 babies each as recently as August 10.

  5. #120907-1

    I found a few:

    ebay#150823041416 bear and cat

    ebay#400289228678 jelly bean drive playset

    ebay#150791179218 rosie rose road playset

    ebay#400289226332 blue belle flowers playset

    ebay#400289225778 16 sweetheart street playset

    ebay#150776302423 sunshine street playset

    ebay#150679642891 blue belle flowers playset

    ebay#400198299731 flower shop playset

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