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Searching – GRAY RUMPLE BEAR by Fisher Price — 4 Comments

  1. Here’s a brown one 160226845779 and a dark brown one 150262370670 and a really light brown one 230265521202 and a cream one 120275921005… For anyone who wants any color BUT gray!

  2. Gray is THE hardest color to find in Rumples, Kar. We have seen one in 8 years of selling toys.

    We have all the other colors you mentioned in our own online Catalog. Some of them are hard to find, too, but nowhere near as rare as the gray.

    Someone out there has one of these stuck back in a storage bin. It’s just a matter of them seeing this request for help.

  3. I think my photo came from This Old Toy. It’s a great research site, and yes, they do sell if you write them. I never have tried that, though. Good suggestion!

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