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Searching – BROWN Velour MONKEY Security Blanket with TAIL — 3 Comments

  1. My 2 yr old has one like this but it is a elephant but same color and design. The only thing is is that my husband got it in France! Yikes! I had him look up the site to see if they had your monkey but the colors don’t match. But here it is IF you think your child would like something similar!

  2. post Code #031608-1

    Obviously not exact but does have monkey head and tail, soft, brown and multiples available. Depends where the search is at. Let us know.

    ebay # 200637377607 Douglas Toy Plush 7” BROWN MONKEY WUVEE Blanket ~NEW~

  3. Thank you to both of you. We have found a few that resemble our monkey lovee so we are doing OK. If anyone finds the exact duplicate please let us know. on said:

    I love this website.

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