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Searching – Another YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE Bunny Rabbit — 14 Comments

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    no picture with this… but every thing else sounds right.


  2. 320238400820

    ebay if you are still in need of one.


    (I kept the email addresses, but removed them from the comment.)

  3. Thanks, Tami. Antoinette missed the bidding on the last one, so I sent this link just to her.

  4. Antoinette did get it, thanks to you, Tammi. But there are several more needing one.

  5. I have emailed the ones who were looking for the musical version, Tami. Thanks!!

  6. BTW, the one that I have is NOT the crib hanging one that pull the tail and sing. It is push the “sun” or belly and sing.

  7. It looks like it’s time to leave this one alone for now. I’m not getting any replies from the emails I have sent out on this one.

    Thanks for all your help!!!!

  8. #040608-2

    Oh say, I was curious if Elizabeth had found her sons’ bunny, because I’ve found one on ebay:


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