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Searching – BLUE Lion MY FIRST FRIEND Rattle — 13 Comments

  1. i have written the seller to see if it has ABC on it. Otherwise is looks right…




  2. i have the pink one here somewhere….

    i bought it at K-Mart for around $7.00

    Mabye you can search their site and find it!


  3. Thanks for the tip about Kmart. I checked, though, and could not find it there.

  4. This looks like a simlar lion I have in a yellow type color with the blue mane. Presently he is stored away. It was purchased at TOYS R US if I remember correctly What size is she looking for? This one is larger. It does have the MY 1st something on it. Please let me know. Rachael

  5. Post code #040708-2

    If you are still searching?

    Ebay # 370532727163 new with tags. Animal Alley
    Ebay # 270694621678 Goffa
    Ebay # 380358205514 Animal alley
    Ebay # 110726820239 Commonwealth
    Ebay # 200441983634 Animal Alley

    Know there was some discussion as to which was exact match. All appear to be very similar to each other.

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