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Searching – CARTER’S Just One Year Musical PINK with Purple Flowers BUNNY — 26 Comments

  1. Wow! Quite a price tag on these two!!

    But I ill send the links to them all, just in case.

  2. I also need one of these bunnies. Please help!

    My email is: andonial AT msu DOT edu


  3. I have added your name to my list, Alexia.

    There are two on eBay right now, but they are $69.99 and $125.00!

    Search for Carter’s Just One Year Music* Pink Bunny and you should find it.

  4. Here’s another one on eBay. It’s at $32-something now with one day left. (Ha! I’m half tempted to buy it myself and set up a BIN for $100 dollars! -Just kidding!)
    item 320264673651

  5. Here’s another one. The seller says that they’re not trying to make big money, so maybe if you’re the first person, you could ask them to end it early with BIN???
    eBay 300236843857

  6. I sent both of the links off to my list of TEN who are searching for this lovie.

    The last one was bought by someone who used the links in the comments here to buy it, and she wrote to thank me for the site.

  7. I sent the link to everyone again. It has been amazing to me how many people are looking for this one toy!!!

  8. I am searcheing for the pink bunny also. It was my daughter Natalie’s first toy when she was born. Her 2nd b-day will be on Dec. 22nd and I want to get a new one for her. We feared we had lost “Bunny” and it was pretty sad around here =(!! “Bunny” was found but is in horrible shape! I fear bunny will get lost again or simply fall to pieces. My problem is that I can’t afford a new one. We have come on very hard times this year and have had to move 4 times and now we don’t have a home of our own. So my daughter clings to “Bunny” even more now. Truth is, I think our whole family does. We all love “Bunny” and feel like she is part of our family. “Bunny” is home to my little girl. If any one is able and willing, please help us.
    Thank you and my God bless you!
    Suzette Pace

  9. Post Code #041408-1

    Do not know if there is still a mailing list for this one?
    However ebay #230430072891
    ebay #230430072891 2 available
    ebay #200517758777
    ebay #200502880981
    Prices have dropped since the earlier comments.

  10. Post Code #041408-1

    ebay #181041532992
    ebay #310558803259
    ebay #370658468397
    ebay #380594743656 lot of two

  11. Thanks, Carrie. It’s a small mailing list and pretty old, so I’ve asked that they reply if they don’t get one. Otherwise I’ll close this search.

  12. I have this bunny!
    Let me know if someone is interested in it!
    I’ll sell for $32.
    Post Code #9077

  13. I can’t believe how many children have fallen in love with this bunny. My daughter believes he is real and is magic (she just might be right). She’s had him her whole life… She’s 8 now … Never spent one night without him. He’s been ripped, seen, lost an eye, tail, had his mouth sewn back into a smile… But I fear for the day he literally disinigrates and desperately need a new “bun bun”.
    Post Code #9077

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