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We’ve Just Been Published Again!! — 4 Comments

  1. that is a great article and this is a great website. i had no idea it had been on msnbc.com and stuff..that’s awesome! people have no idea just how important and meaningful some plush animals can be to certain children/people ..and i love that you call them lovies =) Thanks again for all the help!!

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence and the compliments, Julie. This is a very satisfying “job,” but it won’t work unless lots of people are searching, so Thank YOU, Julie!!

  3. Great article. Some who have not experienced this might not think it would be that serious, but I am here to say that my son was seriously shaken up by losing his Bear, and the whole experience was eye-opening (and equally painful) for me. Never expected to be taught a lesson in how children grieve by a little stuffed toy, and I know that we are truly lucky if this is the only loss he’s ever experienced in his young life. But next to his family, Bear was who my son loved the most.

    Good luck to all who are searching, and thanks agin for the great site.


  4. You are right, Jennifer. Grief is really the only word that adequately describes what some children go through when they lose their lovie. They become as real to them as any living thing or person can, and miss them just as deeply. It becomes the parent’s responsibility to help them deal with that grief, either by finding the lovie, or helping them to move on without it.