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FOUND – Carter’s Tykes CUDDLE ME Pink BUNNY Musical Pull Lovie — 10 Comments

  1. They already knew about the two you found, Tami, as I had sent those links to them. I have emailed them with a link to your profile. If they read it, they will see why you have chosen to be so generous. I told them to email you. If you don’t hear from them pretty soon, please let me know.

    God bless you!!

  2. Well I haven’t heard from them. We will see… maybe they already found another one.


  3. Thank you Rosemary, i bought them and they are being mailed to her!
    She graduates tomorrow from the same Bible School I did.


  4. I am so glad you made connection with them. I’m sure this is a very satisfying gift on your part, and of course their child will appreciate it.

  5. You have the same bunny listed way down the blog… is it for the same person or is that one different?

  6. It is the same one, but that one was found, and I never changed the wording. Keeping me straight, eh? I need all the help I can get, so thanks again!!

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