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FOUND – KIDS II You Are My Sunshine RAE Musical PRESS Rabbit — 12 Comments

  1. FYI: There must be 2 versions of these bunnies. My Rae is 2002 Kids II, crib pull that plays You Are My Sunshine. The pull is actually works as rattle as well.

  2. We had the pull version in stock at one time, but I don’t remember the rattle. I’ll pay more attention the next time we find one.

  3. My son has this bunny. The song player stopped too. I searched all over for a new 'rae rae' for him. When I was unsuccessful, I decided to open her back up and found that you can replace the batteries in her (they are watch like batteries). I replaced them and then just re-stitched her back up. Saved us a lot of heartache! Hope this helps someone out.

  4. #070908-2

    Thanks so much for sharing this!! I've made a post out of it and sent your suggestion to the mailing list of people looking for the Press version of Rae.


  5. I am looking for one of the RAE Plush Bunnies that plays You are my sunshine. I see some used ones on eBay…does anyone have any idea on if there is a way to get a new one? Thanks

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