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Searching – BOYD’S WISHKIN Long Legged WHITE RABBIT with BIG FEET Close Set Eyes – JACK — 6 Comments

  1. s that the bunny from the book PJ FunnyBunny? Looks like him. I am headed out of town early in the am, but will be back late Sunday. I will look to see if we have it. I know at some point we had PJ FunnyBunny, not sure if he is buried in the animal basket or not, or if he is even the right rabbit.

    rupeje AT fuse DOT net

  2. It does resemble the bunny on the books, but the nose is not that prominent. I did find one place where someone was searching for a FunnyBunny stuffed rabbit, but they said it had the name on the bottom of one foot. If that is true, then it’s not likely that Sharron would forget to tell me that. I’ll ask, though. You never know.

    Thanks Jenny, for looking for it and for the possible name!

  3. This bunny might be a “pocket pal”. I can’t find the tags for it right now, but I have a very similar looking mouse, and he has a tiny pocket sewn onto his right side in the rear. The idea was that you could write your troubles on a slip of paper and tuck it into the pocket and your pocket pal would help take the troubles away. If this is the same make, the tag says C. 1988-2002 The Boyds collection LTD. Gettysburg PA. Perhaps this will help, I wish mine had the long ears…I would send it. Good luck.

  4. Post Code 071708-6

    Not sure if anyone is still looking, it’s been a few years so these must be impossible to find.

    Here’s one on Ebay # 360487241828

  5. Thank you so much! My daughter is now 6 but still cannot sleep without this one bunny…which is very worn now. I will check out ebay and other searches using the info provided. Thanks again!

  6. now to find the matching teddy…or the same but dark brown. If anyone happens to know the code or name of that I’d be grateful. My son lost his a few years ago and still misses it.

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