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FOUND – Pottery Barn Kids PBK PINK BUNNY Rabbits — 22 Comments

  1. I am looking for this same bunny but in the 6-8 inch size. If anyone might know where to find the small one please contact me.

    joygoodwin31 AT yahoo DOT com

  2. Hopefully by now Silvia’s daughter has reached Jennifer’s daughter, and the two children will both be happy with the result.

    The last person who tried to help did not have the right bunny, so fingers are crossed.

  3. Hi Tami! Maybe someone else can make use of that link, but it’s the small ones that they are looking for right now.

  4. Hi… I also looking for one of those larger pink PBK bunnies from ’06. I have purchased one for each of my kids (2 boys and now my daughter) from PBK before they were born, and my daughter who just turned 2 has now decided she cannot be without it anywhere. She is my only child who has attached to an animal and I am worried about losing it. I would really love to find a replacement now so they get the same wear so she won’t know the difference. I found one on ebay for $60+ shipping and cannot believe that a bunny that I paid $20 is being exploited to parents that want to find an important lovey for their child. I am truly appalled. If anyone knows of where I could find one please let me know. Thank you so much! kidsatthecreek@gmail.com

  5. HELP! I am also looking for the large PBK pink bunny. The ebay item numbers above are for the smaller versions. Please email me if anyone has any info!
    Thank You!

  6. I am also looking for this exact bunny. I bought one for my daughter before she was born and now it's the ONLY one she will sleep with. I need a backup bad!
    Please help…

  7. Post Code #072808-2

    ebay #220839073352 8 inch
    ebay #360386394462 8 inch 2 available
    ebay #370550011427 8 inch
    ebay #230681625986 9 inch 3 available
    ebay #190491246591 9 inch
    ebay #220839073352 8 inch
    ebay #350378072391 9 inch

    Good luck!

  8. Post Code #072808-2

    Do not know how long the list is, this is a small sampling of currently available under pottery barn bunny.
    ebay #170615456561 8 inch nwt 2 available
    ebay #230776169985 8 inch
    ebay #120904204668 9 inch
    ebay #360462968568 9 inch
    ebay #170837580467 18 inch
    ebay #390349351186 18 inch
    ebay #330698483389 9 inch

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