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Courtney is STILL looking for this frog!

MOSHI Style Microbead Orange FrogThis frog was a gift for my best friend in all the world. She had this frog for many years. This frog has been more places than most people will ever go. She never left home for more than a day without him.

The loss of Peaches (that is our beloved frog’s name) began with an arm… it was downhill from there. There is nothing I would love more than to find a relative of this frog to give back to my friend.

They were created in a variety of colors, so color is not an issue. Please help me to find this elusive frog…it will be cherished in its new home!

Thank you so much,

If you can help Courtney find this MOSHI Style Microbead Frog, THIS SITE IS NO LONGER ACTIVELY MANAGED. Please use Our FREE FACEBOOK GROUP, including #9235 in the subject, .

Originally posted 08/04/2008


Searching – MOSHI??? Microbead FROG Any Color — 7 Comments

  1. 080408-3
    This frog is a snugeez brand
    Made in China KB Holdings.

    I spotted one this weekend, and I have it if you want it.
    Dirty Butter has my email

  2. I have actually already purchased this same lizard from another Ebay auction haha. While I have not received him yet, I am assuming that this lizard and the frog are very similar. Still keeping an eye out for the frog though. Fingers crossed. Thanks Brenda.
    Post Code #9235

  3. Dear Courtney, MOSHI Style Microbead Frog, including #9235

    I think I have found your frog that you are looking for
    he is bright green and yellow gold let me know if you are interested I will send you a pic.
    Post Code #9235

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