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Searching – Large 90’s DUCK that QUACKS Wearing HAT & JEANS — 7 Comments

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    If you did everything correctly you should get a copy of this comment in your emails.

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    ebay #190679183750 similar idea picture mad e me think of your search.

    J.R. Rijsenhout Holland Farmer SINGING DUCK Battery OP.

  3. Another similar by ANGEL TOY Ebay Item Number 260899037918 – jeans look spot on and hat is same but different colour. Eyes are different though – quacks but also sings. Still worth a look. 🙂

  4. Thank you Carrie and Brenda. I looked at these and they are similar. I appreciate your getting in touch. Quackers had a blue or brown hat (I think brown) and a white face (see photo). I am still looking for him. If anyone sees one that is like him please post something about it. Many thanks.

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