FOUND – BLUE & PLAID Baby COW — 5 Comments

  1. ..found him on ebay UK by accident.. item #310091292033 He is in a mixed lot of loveys. If you scroll down and view all the pics..you will see his little face smiling..awaiting his long lost friend!! Hurry..I believe auction ends in about a day!
    Good luck!

  2. Thank you all for all your help. We missed the cow on original ebay auction but the buyer has agreed to sell him to us so we are absolutely delighted. My son can’t wait as he now knows his cow is on his way back from his holidays… I still can’t believe you found him amongst all those other teddies!

  3. Danielle certainly has a sharp eye!! I find lots of lovies while I am searching for something else, so that doesn’t surprise me. But in that big lot??? Wow!

    Glad you have a happy ending, and I will mark this post FOUND. Yippeeee!!!


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