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Searching – GOFFA Kellytoy? Sugar Loaf? BLUE DIAMOND Fur Patterned BEAR — 14 Comments

  1. This may be a Kellytoy Bear. I have a bunny listed that looks similar. ebay Auction # 110279882335. I hope this helps! -Tonya

  2. Here’s another auction, maybe this is closer, but his eyes are different ebay #140267676530


  3. You’re right, it does look closer, except for the eyes. It just has to be a Kellytoy!!

  4. This is the rabbit I have. I have been looking for another one to have to keep it fresh. The only difference is mine is orange and yellow tie-died. Does anyone have any idea where I could find an orange one… Or this blue one?

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    Jen, check your local Goodwill. I saw a second one yesterday… but in pink. Perhaps they just received corporate donation? BTW, the bear actually has stitched claws on feet. They had come undone on the green bear.

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    Jen, save my email for future reference. It’s recis77 at yahoo dot com. I have the yellow-orange tie dye version. Diamond pattern is smaller scale than the blue version.

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    I have located the blue Goffa bear with blue plaid bow. Email me at recis77 at yahoo dot com if you’re still looking, so I can send you pictures.

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