Searching – CHAMPAGNE Colored MONKEY Holding a BANANA with BOTH HANDS — 10 Comments

  1. Item number: 300086123623 ebay. looks like the crane type. both hands on the banana, but not cream in color. thought we would check for the brand

  2. I see one Tami tried to differentiate with a last initial … LOL! but you both have the same last initial, too!!!

    I’ve asked her to look at these 3 you’ve both listed and put a comment here on the blog.

  3. Hey patients like me too, I think. Just curious Tami R, what is your middle initial? mine is J. It is funny that we are both nurses and both Tami R. I’ll stick with spelling my name with lower case letters. You are a great searcher!

  4. I’m enjoying watching the two of you! Just for your information, Tami 2, Patients Like Me is the name of a website that the first Tami and I both belong to!!!

    I love your answer!!! Didn’t have a clue that it was a website, so you answered very logically!!! LOL!

  5. Oh that is so funny… my husband and I got a good laugh out of that!

    Tami (I will go with the capital T)

  6. Thank you! everyone of you for your valient efforts! unfortunately i looked at all the listings, but non of them are her. the picture in wanted ad is very close. Thank you so much!

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