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FOUND – PBK Pottery Barn Kids Large PINK RABBIT with STITCHING — 15 Comments

  1. #100908-4 Just in case you didn’t see the last comment. I still have the white lamb from PBK but not the rabbit or the bear. Let me know if you are willing to take it off my hand. Only $8 which is the orginal price plus shipping, it is brand new.

  2. I’m looking for the same bunny, I’ll keep you updated if I find anybody out there that has this bunny.
    Regards, Ann

  3. Thanks Ann, I will also do the same. We have “lost” Knuffle around the house and my heart sinks everytime, I am constantly on guard when we leave the house, to make sure we dont loose him. I’ve got my two boys (5 and 3) trained to look for him too. I am considering writing on a ribbon and sewing into his backside. If someone were to find him, they will know he is loved and wanted, not a garbled up bit of fluff(which he looks like).
    Take care,

  4. #100908-4
    There is a current listing on eBay, item 270296269547. It is insanely overpriced, at 99.99 buy it now, but I thought I would tell you in case you didn’t know about it yet.

  5. I will check it out, because I am curious, but 99.00 is way out of my price range, being a SAHM in SoCal. Ann, if you can manage, go for it.

  6. $99!!! There’s no way I can pay this for a bunny! I send the user an email asking/telling hom or her that the price is a bit steap. I’ll probably not get an answer but I had to do it.
    I’m still looking, will keep you posted.
    Regards, Ann

  7. I sent him or her an email too, and said it was way too high, and when they couldn’t sell it for that price, then to email me. I got a nice response stating that they didn’t think it was too high considering its new and hard to find, and to have a nice day.
    So we are going to keep looking.
    I did get lucky, my sons classmates grandmother sews. She saw how Gracie is with her bunny and offered to try to make a duplicate. I couldn’t believe it because I don’t even know this woman. I will have to send you a pic, because it is amazing. Its a different material, and it dosen’t have the weight in the arms and legs but its a good replica. It wouldn’t fool anyone, but its a playmate for our bunny and this one will be our out of the house friend, Knuffle bunny is staying at home.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. I just got an email too, that they had sold 2 other ones for 80 and 87 and this was the last one and it would get sold and also to have good day. Could you send me an email with the picture, I’m curious. I’m going to keep looking, there must be somebody out there that has one and doesn’t use it. Have a great weekend,

  9. The last time we found Imogene the rabbit, which is a Ragtail, it cost $100. Yes, it’s high, but this is a supply and demand business. If someone will pay it, then that’s what it is “worth”.


  10. Thanks Tami- With three little ones I don’t always get time to search. I am watching and will bid for sure. I have my fingers crossed. I just hope my pockets are big enough, im a SAHM and my hubby works for the CA state, times are tough for everyone. My daughters 2nd birthday is coming up in April and this would make a fantastic gift.
    I appreciate the time you spent, thank you!

  11. Katty do you still have the PBK lamb if so, would you be interested in selling it? Contact me at eaharp080 at YAHOO dot COM.

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