FOUND – Carter’s YELLOW DUCK WHITE STOCKING CAP Quack Quack on WHITE PJ’S — 18 Comments

  1. Keep an eye out at your local Kohls store, not on line but the store. They had them last. Tami R

  2. Wow this is great!!! Hope you get this one… on AUCTION number

    Title Caters Baby blanket with Duck Brand New Soft

    Tami R. only 17 hours left.

  3. I found one that was for sale in a group of toys, the lady is selling it to me for $15.00

    If Lori wants it let me know.


  4. Thanks for the posts. I bid on the one on ebay. If I do not win it, I would be interested in the one Tami found. I will know more tomorrow.

  5. Great! I hope you didn’t get stuck with a purchase from the eBay seller, though. Let me know.


  6. #101408-2

    No don’t worry. I have bought and sold a couple of these. She got an awesome price with the blanket included!

    Tami (plm)

  7. Thanks for all your help! I won the auction on ebay and am anticipating the arrival soon. Good thing I upped my last bid before I left for work this morning, as it looked like whoever tried to outbid me came pretty close.

  8. I am looking for one of these as well. I am worried that my daughter will loose hers. It is here favorite nite-nite friend.

  9. There is a new one with the blanket on eBay right now. Search for 380033516016.

    I hope you see this Jeff.

  10. My daughter will not go to sleep with our her “Duckie ” also. The same one with the night cap on it. If anyone else fins one, please e-mail me at ssouttahea@yahoo.com


  11. Hello,

    I am also looking for this duckie. Ours is getting old and my 2 year old daughter is very attached to it.

    Thanks for the help!

  12. Hello!! I am also looking for this duck! "Ducky" is a favorite of my little guy's and he's starting to show signs of age! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!!

    nyckristie AT gmail DOT com

    (I don;'t really understand this instruction but I am writing it anyway: "FOUND NEAR THE END OF THE POST")

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