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Searching – Happiness Express Large TAN Long Legged DOG with LONG BROWN EARS Wearing a BLUE NIGHTGOWN — 52 Comments

  1. I know this little dog – he has long legs and he weighs a ton. Hi pajamas are light blue and textured. He is made by Happiness Express. He is approx, 18 inches long.

  2. He looked familiar to me, but I couldn’t remember any specifics. Thanks so much!


  3. Did she find this dog yet? I noticed that an ebay seller I know, different Kim – she is not from Georgia — well I saw she sold one and I was not sure it was to this poster……anyway…..I did find both a blue one and a pink one this morning but I am slow at listing things – If she has not found him I certainly move faster though — Kimberly

  4. I’m actually looking for the same stuffed animal. I had it when I was younger as well and I would like to find one to. I rememeber its paws and feet were heavy because they had beans in them. It was a long limbed and bodied stuffed animal. I think they had other kinds too, like a sheep in pink or purple pajamas. I don’t know it was a big part of my childhood and i’ve been searching along time for one. My dog chewed it up when i left it outside playing one time and i remember i cried so hard. if you get any news can you please help me too, thank you

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    We can’t help you Lyndsie if you don’t Contact us, so we can email you information!

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    I was out at sales this weekend and I found your dog. I knew soon as I saw it, grabbed it. Washed it.
    It is on ebay.
    Item 120389060644
    Happiness Express Club, in kids we trust
    Snoozems, TM 1995 Happiness Express INC.

  7. I am still looking for this dog. I know that it was put on ebay from Tami, but I was outbid. So, keep on trying please. I still need it. Thanks

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    Julie if you win the auction I am willing to ship to you free if that helps the cost.

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    Throw some fuzzy ears on this Happiness Express Ears, and it would look a lot like the dog.
    ebay Item number: 320303095527

  10. Yes Tami, the pink bear looks a lot like the dog. Must be the girl version. Too bad!

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    ebay 390074371506
    only 2 hours left on the auction, but maybe you can contact the seller and ask if they would just sell you the dog. good luck

  12. I am still looking for this dog, but i can not pay $110 dollars on ebay. the right one will come along. I am very thankful for all the help.

  13. I bought my sisters two stuffed animals from the happiness express club ( the maker of the puppy stuffed toy you are talking about). I originally bought them at Kay-bee toy store. I went back the two years later and they were gone. No website either.

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    Leslie, are you trying to find one? If so, you need to Contact us.

    Merry Christmas!!

  15. I am too looking for one of these stuffed animals. i used to have the bear with the pink outfit when i was little and am dying to find another one. if anyone can help me find one, please let me know. thanks so much!

  16. Im also looking for one if anyone has one I would apprecaite getting contacted. I lost mine when I was a kid my grandmother gave it to me and it brings back great memories of when my parents were married and happy. phoenixgirl1991@yahoo.com

  17. Hi,
    I am really looking for a Snoozems dog, And would appreciate any feedback, am willing to pay anything for my cousin who is turning 21, she has some good memories with the snoozem 🙂

  18. Ok I am looking for the same dog my cousin has one and there was one on Ebay but I can’t find it i wanted one to but if I can’t find it

  19. hi i am looking for 3 of the puppies my son had one 16yrs ago my mom got a puppy and it chewed the face up…now i have 2 daughters who absolutly love it plz help me (footballmom1997@gmail.com)

  20. Hi I just came across this website. I am trying to sell my Happiness Express Club Inc Snoozems. Copyright 1995-96. I have four of them, the kitten, hippo, rabbit and puppy. If anyone is interested please let me know. They are in excellent condition. I am very attached to the puppy, so the price would have to be right. Thanks!

  21. Brittney I am looking for the rabbit I think you’re trying to sell. It’s white about 18in long and has light blue pajamas on with rattles/bottles on it. Please contact me if you still have it

  22. I am looking for the puppy dog or the rabbit, I had one when I was a little girl and my daughter who is 5 has my old one but its looking pretty rough and I want to keep it for memories and start a new one for my daughter. Does anyone know where I can find one I’ve looked on eBay and can’t find anything but the bear in pink pajamas?

  23. I had the puppy in the blue pajamas when I was younger. My mother got rid of it a while ago, and I am now trying to find it again. If anyone can help me find one I would greatly appreciate it!

  24. I have the little snoozems dog. I was going to sell it on ebay. Anyone who is interested can contact me. I will hold the dog for a while and wait to see if anyone wants it. It is in good condition.

  25. Would you be able or willing to post pics or send me some? I’m interested in buying the pup!

  26. I have this little dog!!! I’m 21 now and my dad recently found him and fixed him up for me. The one in the picture looks like a newer edition of mine. I took mine everywhere as a child. His name was “puppy”. The bean bags all fell to one leg and his head came off but after a little stitching, he’s perfect! I remember when getting him at a “KB toys” when I was 5 or 6 years old. Good luck!
    Here’s his pic.
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  27. Thanks for sharing, Jay! The fur on yours is matted, but probably looked like the one in our post when it was new.

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  28. Good luck….
    Got mine about 16 years ago from
    kB toys. And his faded little tag says happiness expess. Hope you have some success.
    I took mine everywhere.. His fur is all matted. Barely looks anything like the dog in the pic above. You can see my little guy in my precious post
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  29. Thank you to this website for helping me find this dog. Not only finding it but also still in the box.

    Thank you!
    Sincerely, Ashley
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  30. I am also looking for this dog! I got my sister one for her 2nd Christmas and she still has it, but it is matted, with no nose and no beans. I would love to surprise her with a “newer” looking one! Please let me know if you can help!
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  31. I found this dog somewhere in a garage sale or something. My daughter is two years old and loves it! However, it is a bit worn. I am having a little boy in April and would love one for him. Even if it isn’t the same dog, or I find a girl version for my daughter and trade it, etc. Thanks!
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  32. Hey! I grew up with the dog and also called him puppy! I can remember giving him a haircut. Like many of you are saying, he’s all tattered and matted and his head fell off! Please help me find another one. It would mean very much!! If anyone comes across one my email is Kellbell2987@hotmail.com. Thanks!
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  33. I’ve been searching for a new one for my little cousin but I haven’t found any anywhere.. I’m sure they’re discontinued and a new one would be rare. I’d love to see a new one but I don’t think I could ever replace my matted little “puppy”.
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  34. I had this when I was little.. it was my favorite thing in the world but I lost it when my house burnt down. I’m in college now and I would really like to get a new one! If anyone has any information on where to find it I would really appreciate it.
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  35. I’m looking for two of these things for a friend of mine who had them when she was a kid. One is a hippo and the other is an elephant that she desperately wants back. It had a white head, no tusks and striped pajamas with little barns on them. I can find references for the hippo but I can’t find any pictures or anything about this elephant! If anyone can help us out it would be greatly appreciated my email is wayek_@hotmail.com
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  36. I’ve been looking for a dog stuffed animal like this one for a long time. When I was a little girl I had one. His name was Tim Tim and I loved him. Would hardly let my mom wash him. Now I am expecting a child of my own and I would really like to have one of these. If anyone is selling one please email me asap. Thanks.
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