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Searching – Blankets and Beyond PASTEL MULTI-COLORED BEAR — 4 Comments

  1. #101808-1 . Same brand, same bear, but built into a blanket. Maybe you could use the pic to show its face better. ebay Item number: 380033847450

  2. I am looking for the same thing, only mine is a pastel multi colored lion, and it came with the same blanket as yours, but with green and orange plaid… i have been looking EVERYWHERE for it for over 6 months. Ironically, like Tami said with her ebay item, i was able to find my same lion, same brand, but it was also bult into a blanket! Blankets and Beyond are absolutely impossible to find online! All i can say is good luck, I hope you are able to find it, and i will keep watching for your bear as i watch for my lion! I know what you are going thru, as we are doing the same here with our little one! Tara

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