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Searching – Carter’s HUGS & KISSES Pink BROWN HAIR Doll — 5 Comments

  1. 160230220505 and this one too.

    Just go to ebay and put in Carters Hugs kisses and you will find LOTS of these!


  2. Thanks guys but I cannot use ebay at all because it wont accept my zipcode. It tells me that it is not correct and it is!!!! I have tried everything, that is why I cannot set up pay pal. Even tried as a guest but it kicked me out because of the zipcode. I was hoping to find a site outside of ebay that I could use my debit or visa card to purchase. Thank-you!

  3. Melissa, I could buy it and mail it to you. Let me know how much you are wanting to spend.
    you can email me cityfarmerdaughter at yahoo (dot) com

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