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FOUND – Kids Preferred Taggies BABY’S FIRST LAMB — 20 Comments

  1. These very rarely show up on ebay for less than $50. Though recently one sold for 9.99 I suggest you write the seller and ask if she would accept $30 or something close. They are highly sought after which is of course why they cost so much. Sorry. If you aren’t in a rush then just keep your eye out on Amazon too.


  2. Tami – I agree – it is very rare for one of these to be found for less than 50.00. Economics of supply vs. demand applies in this case for sure.

  3. We have the dog in our catalog in the unfinished part I think. They are gorgeous!!!

    The supply/demand dynamic is hard for some folks to deal with.


  4. Our 2-year-old is very attached to this animal as well. We havne’t lost ours (yet), but we are looking for a backup for if and when that happens. I didn’t realize they were so hard to find.

  5. Hello Everyone! I am looking again for “Baby’s First Lamb” I think they are more now than they were 3 years ago! Well we haven’t lost our lovey but she is in bad shape! She has lost all of her tags and now my daughter wants me to sew on every string that falls off! I need another lovey and soon! Thank you to all who responded 3 years ago! 🙂

  6. I just bought one! Thank you to all who looked and responded! I love this website! 🙂 Rhonda

    CODE #103108-7

  7. I have one listed on ebay buy it now 29.99.ebay name maricarmen42 post code 103108-7

  8. Kids Preferred “Baby First Lamb” 13 inch Plush Tags Taggies Pastel B36U984

    Here’s one on e-bay for 19.99. We also have one but I’m not sure if the kids are quite ready to part with it.

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