FOUND – COMMONWEALTH 80’s CURIOUS GEORGE? Brown MONKEY Wearing BLUE OVERALLS, Striped Shirt, Blue Cap — 16 Comments

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    I think it maybe commonwealth. They did a red white striped one. Here is a red one on ebay. Do you guys think it is same brand. Same lenght. Same hat and overalls.
    Ebay Item number: 300256339529

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    I know the red one sold on ebay before as curious george. And one previous searcher called it curious george too

  3. I bought him! Thank you so much for searching for me! I would love to have a 2nd monkey if that is possible, and now that I know he is “Common Wealth” at least I have something to go by.
    Thanks again, my God-daughter will be very happy!

  4. Oh my goodness! I have been looking for the same monkey–except in red– for years. I had that monkey growing up, and took him everywhere. I loved him until his head fell off–literally. I would literally cry tears of joy if I could get "him" back. Any leads would be appreciated!

  5. This looks very similar to my childhood monkey in overalls except it was a smaller version of yours and it had green overalls and hat. After tons of searching I found out it was sold by AVON and it was made by Interpur. I just bought one on ebay with the blue cord. overalls and brown arms and legs with no stripes on it.

  6. I have been looking for same monkey in green coveralls and red and white shirt if anyone has come acrossed him, my daughter had it growing up and my she adopted a daughter with special needs who fell in love with it. it was so well loved that he has fallen apart would love to find her a new one.
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  7. I am desperate for the same monkey. Please keep an eye out. This would make someone’s year.
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  8. My son would really like to have one of these. His was stolen as a child!
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  9. My mother has this monkey he is missing his hat looking to sell him.

    Jan dixon
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