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FOUND – GUND Hey Diddle Diddle KEY WINDUP COW — 5 Comments

  1. 111208-1
    There are several of these cows on ebay. Just search musical gund cow.
    Here is one in a lot
    eaby Item number: 370110564593
    The others are priced 15-25$.
    Good Luck

  2. tami, you should write a blurb on how to search the internet and ebay. I don;t think people understand that they have to be creative to find their beloved item. Maybe Rosemary could post it and the people who are most passionate can work productively. I talked to one person who didn;t even think of ebay much less knew hpw to search in the auctions and stores. Much less how to be creative with their ebay search.

    As for me I am off for a couple weeks to help with my new grandson in Canada!

    Bye Tami

  3. Have fun in Canada Tami, and that’s a good suggestion about a post on How to Search on eBay and the Internet.

    I’ll start working on it.

    I miss finding all the “easy” ones myself that were never making it to the blog before, but this change in my system has allowed me to get caught up … something I never expected to happen so quickly.


  4. 111208-1
    Tami congrats on the new Grandson.

    Rosemary, you just taught me a ton of things I didn’t know about ebay searches. For example ( ) and * .
    I didn’t know about them, but they will help me in my searches so much. I search mostly by description. People get hung up on searching by title.
    Thanks for the write up Rosemary.
    And thanks for the compliment Tami.

  5. I love that you ate not working on them – instead posting so many — I like seeing all of them — Kim

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