FOUND – Jelly Cat PINK & WHITE DONKEY Pony BLANKIE — 10 Comments

  1. That is it Kirsten, but they don’t have them in stock. Thanks for trying so hard!!


  2. I sent the link to Amanda. Thanks! I hope this doesn’t turn out to be out of stock.


  3. Thank you SO much Tami …. they had one left hidden away in the stock room somewhere, as it is very old stock now. I guess it must be one of the last left anywhere, so I am very grateful for all your help and hard work. Amanda

  4. Hi Tami. We received the donkey but unfortunately it is not the same! It is the same make, colour etc but it is much smaller and a rattle rather than a flat comforter with a donkey head. So, if any other leads come to mind, please do let me know as am still very keen to find one. Thanks so much for all your help. Amanda #120908-2

  5. Thanks Tami but unfortunately this is the smaller one that we got a few months ago thinking that it was the same! Thanks for looking anyway, really appreciate it! Amanda

  6. Hi Amanda, I don’t know what size the Jelly Cat Donkey you have is but this one looks just like what you were looking for (Ebay) Item No. 130389974533 (12 inches). So glad your original turned up but hopefully this could make a great backup. 🙂


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