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DISCONTINUED – White Woolly LAMB with Tan Hooves — 5 Comments

  1. 122608-4
    I think possibly a Douglas plush lamb. Look at a few on ebay.
    Item number: 370122762767
    Item number: 360015677622
    Item number: 140287022013

  2. Tami…thank you…I think that the basket is it….I will let you know when I get it…thank you

  3. POST CODE #122608-4

    Did you find the lamb?
    Ebay # 120754888215 Douglas
    ebay # 120476645236 Douglas
    ebay # 170693174634 Douglas

  4. POST CODE #122608-4

    Here is an option if the basket was incorrect.

    ebay #160830086525
    Best Made Toys Lamb Sheep Plush Stuffed Animal Target Off White Cream Fur

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