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Searching – 80’s NAPPER – TALKING WHIMPERING DOG I’m Lonely — 13 Comments

  1. Hello,

    I just finished reading your letter, and was very touched. I have a dog (napper) whom I do call snapper. I have had him since I was a baby. The dog means a lot to me as my mother gave him to me. I wish you luck in your search, and wish I could help you. My dog too has a lot of meaning. He is very worn with a chewed nose, and his voice box had to be taken out by my brother when I was little, but with all that, it’s amazing how much memories a plush toy can hold. Best of luck.

  2. I too owned a Napper dog when I was a little girl. His recording said things like, “*Yawn* I’m sleepy!”, “My Name is Napper!”, and my personal favorite, “Rub rub rrrrub my tummy!” I found one on ebay many moons ago, but the ending bid of over $100 was too much for me. Just a note to let your reader know that this toy was loved by many and I too wish them godspeed in their search!

  3. I’ve seen lots of requests over the Internet for one of the many variations of coloring that this much loved plush dog comes in. So I am not surprised that once the bidding has started on one, that it would continue for some time.

    People really have to get realistic about such toys, that are in high demand after many years. If you want to get one, you are going to pay a high price for it. Found it cheaper somewhere? Pure, dumb, luck!

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    It’s quite interesting to hear about this dog after all these years. My sister has an older version of this dog (no voice box). She used to guard him with her life and sleeps with him every night. She will get angry if I come near it. If I want to get on her nerves, all I have to do is touch her dog, haha. Well, good luck finding one and thanks for the funny flashback.

  5. how much is napper worth before I would go to sell him his voice box is still intact and works

  6. Anonymous, I would suggest you put it on eBay and let the market determine its worth. But please send a link to your listing, so I can give our folks a chance to bid on it.


  7. This is the first time I’ve found anyone who even knew what a snapper dog was. I got mine when I was about 9. That was a long time ago…from Santa. I have been looking for one for some time. If anyone still has one available I would be interested. It’s about the sayings so I really would like one that works.

  8. i have a napper dog still works good.looking to sell.all reasonable offers considered.

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